We are facility maintenances service company that prides itself in distribution of cost-effective future proof solutions, backed by exemplary customer service. Over the last 15 years, this 100% Kenyan owned company has continued to deliver much needed customer satisfaction in the ICT maintenances industry.

Multiply those problems across the nation and daunting challenge of managing maintenance issues becomes apparent. That’s where Multisystems comes in........


MULTISYSTEMS LTD creates efficiencies and guarantees savings is a company incorporated in Kenya and engaged in Facility Maintenance Services (FMS) for more than 15 years. Multisystems has grown from a Security Solutions provider to a Facilities Maintenance Service provider Company nationwide

Why Multisystems in maintenances Facility ?

Our Purpose

We Exist to Provide Quality Customer Service in ever growing information & communication technology industry..

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide unparalled services that are specifically tailored to the satisfaction to our client and stakeholder in the Facility Maintenance Services industry and ensure the necessary value addition is attained

Our Vision

Our vision as Multisystems is to be the partner of choice in providing personalized exemplary quality intergration solutions in Facility Maintenance Services and cutting edge services to our clients

Our Quality

We are versatile, regardless of your design requirements. We can help you make the right decisions and leave you with a result that you love.

About us

The Multisystems Cleaning Management Programs start with aligning your expectations to our service delivery on all levels. Our management plan uses a three-pronged approach to the control of quality by validating scope completion, measuring the aesthetic appearance of facilities and gauging customer satisfaction. This data is captured electronically via our web-based application and displayed in real-time, available to you whenever you need it


MULTISYSTEMS secret recipe is to combine outstanding services with competitive pricing to form a successful business strategy. Our success is not measured by revenue alone, it is rather the number of satisfied customers, who rely on MULTISYSTEMS to run their businesses and homes. MULTISYSTEMS learned early that trust is earned through attention to detail, consistency, reliability and the drive to serve. We provide a complete solution for Facility Maintenance Services (FMS). Our extensive knowledge of this business means you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. All our staff are highly trained with customer satisfaction the main priority. We provide a responsive service that you can rely on. Our No 1 objective is ensuring that your property run as smoothly as possible, without hassle

Facility Maintenance Services (FMS)

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Facility Maintenance Cleaning

Cleaning is often an 'invisible' service, simply taken for granted by your staff and visitors. But cleaning is also a crucial support service helping organisations to meet their business objectives by ensuring that premises are efficient, productive, comfortable, healthy and safe. What makes Initial the right choice for you? Our extensive experience coupled with a strong customer service orientation. Our commitment to best practice/best value solutions.

Supplies and Replenishment Services

First restroom services include the installation and maintenance of economical, portion-controlled dispensers and regularly scheduled, usage-based soap, hand towel, and sanitary tissue refills. Our restroom services improve cleanliness and promote healthy environments, while reducing costly waste

Ict Security Maintenances

Demand for security is growing both in business and in our daily lives. However, factories, office buildings and schools all have their own intricate criteria for security, and it can be difficult to estimate cost-benefit performance. We provide safe and cost-efficient advancing technology, such as IC cards, biometric authentication (fingerprint, vein, iris), monitoring cameras and vicinity sensors, for "Building vicinity management", "Entry/exit management" and "Information access management",


If you’re looking for professional cleaning services in Kenya that will help your company put its best foot forward, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll get the best in quality when it comes to the services we offer: commercial operations and maintenance, janitorial services, floor care programs and facility maintenance. You can consider us as the property manager and owner’s partners in improving and maintaining the appearance and feel of their buildings.


When you have a business to run it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations and fail to realize that the paint on your walls has become faded or scuffed. Yet, it is one of the first things your potential customers might notice as they walk through the door. With 15+ years of experience, Multisystems Facility Maintenance can help your property reach its full aesthetic potential.


We offer automatic systems for registering check in/out for different industries including hospitality, hospitals, organizations and company among others for their staff management. These systems have been incorporated to Human Resource systems & Accounting systems basically for appraisal and payroll processing systems.


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